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Asymmetrical sculpting that keeps model symmetry. Total gravy and neat we can do that now. Same script works on Maya 3. I am happy Maya keeps growing. Probably the coolest feature I have used regularly is the humanIK integration where I can grab mocap FBX from the many libraries and use the retargeting to previs my personal character animations rather quickly. Just something I explored and found quite useful. I will have time off for the next couple weeks. I Hate Autodesk Maya incompatibility with everything, I lost months of work and now I need to downgrade.

All my bump configuration from Maya became confusing after converting my materials for Maya , the also look different in viewport 2. Every program has compatibility between versions to avoid issues except Maya, yeah genious work Autodesk, anything works on your bug solving dedicated version. RoccoFx UTC 1. NickJoll UTC 2. IMO, the best release in a long time. RoccoFx UTC 5. Same as saying cero features but fixes… thanks for agree with me…LOL we both agree now that Autodesk only made fixes for Maya , a simple update, never a new release as Maya was and even , Maya just came out short of creativity on almost any spect but fixing bug department.

DariuszLacheta UTC 8. Leionaaad UTC 9. Horganovski UTC Cool story bro. InfernalDarkness UTC Sometimes I hate being right all the time.

Onouris UTC Hamburger UTC Hardly a project goes by without serious bugs with Maya. Just some of the battles with getting Maya to work with simple projects! So for a year to fix bugs is ok with me. New Map coords converter. Arkance Systems CZ s. Login or. Visitors: Sort: -default- by Name by Date. SP1, full, bit. Autodesk VRED Scene Security Tools for 3ds Max add-on, Apps.

Security Tools for Maya add-on, Apps. USD support for Autodesk 3ds Max Character Studio 2. Character Studio 3. VIZ copy tool for 3ds max 4. RealDWG update for 3ds max 8 sp3. Backburner Service Pack 2 EN 3ds max 9 network rendering. Autodesk 3ds Max Service Pack 1. Autodesk 3ds Max Design Service Pack 1. Autodesk 3ds Max Service Pack 1 bit.

Autodesk 3ds Max Design Service Pack 1 bit. FBX Autodesk Sync Service Pack 1, bit. Autodesk ReCap 1. AutoCAD family security hotfix heartbleed.

Autodesk ReCap service pack 1. Autodesk ReCap 2. Autodesk ReCap update 2. AutoCAD for Mac Autodesk ReCap Pro Update 2 – 3. Autodesk ReCap Pro Update 1 – 3. Autodesk ReCap Pro Update version 4. Autodesk ReCap Photo Actrix Technical srv. Mechanical Desktop 3. Mechanical Desktop 4 SP3 patch.

Mechanical Desktop 4. Mechanical Desktop 5 Drawing Manager fix. Mechanical Desktop 5 en SP3 patch. Mechanical Desktop 5 en SP4 patch. Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler Add-in cloud service; subscription only. Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler SP1 – bit. Autodesk InfraWorks Autodesk Vehicle Tracking SP1 Autodesk Vehicle Tracking SP2 Autodesk Vehicle Tracking InfraWorks Civil 3D SP1 patch.

Civil 3D Update 2. Civil 3D Update 3. Autodesk Civil 3D Autodesk Civil Engineering Data Translator 1. Dynamo for Autodesk Civil 3D Update 1, incl. Dynamo Core 2. Dynamo for Autodesk Civil 3D Update 2 subscr. Civil 3D – country kit HU – templates, styles, symbols, linetypes – Hungarian standards. Land Desktop SaveAs Disabler. Land Desktop SaveAs Enabler. Land Desktop service pack 1.

Land Desktop service pack 2 sw locked. Land Desktop service pack 1 locked. Land Desktop 3 service pack 2. Land Desktop point conversion utility for Civil3D sp1. Land Development Desktop 2 SP1a patch. Fix for ACAD. Autodesk Map 3D CZ plot fix acadres, old – see previous file. PostGIS 2. Autodesk Raster Design service pack 1.

Autodesk Raster Design service pack 1 bit. Raster Design hotfix licensing and Civil 3D update , bit. Autodesk Configurator add-in for Inventor Inventor Mesh Enabler – convert 3D meshes e. Maya Thanks for the response, but my students are not any seeing any updates for Maya If Update 7 was an option, I would tell them to install that. If that is the case, then this is a policy change from the past. So the updates are gone regardless of whether the student has used the software?

I am wondering if the year timeline you mentioned has to do with the timing of the the software release, the timing of when someone creates an account, or the timing of when someone has downloaded and activated the software. It’s the year release that matters: updates have been available until releases; updates will be available until AD releases softwares, and so on. No matter if the software has been activated or not: when AD releases the new year version, no more updates for the old one are available, because of the 1 year license and of course, old 3 year licenses are affected as well.

DO you want the latest version? I get why Autodesk would want to change this policy, and appreciate that they are still making software free for students, but this may complicate things for some schools. The university where I teach provides software for our classes, but students that have to work outside of class at home use the free software.

If students are forced out of updates, then they might have no choice but to switch to a new version, which means they would not be using the same version of the software that is available in the labs. Updating our labs annually would seem to be a logical fix, but in reality it is not, especially in courses where assets used in the class might not migrate from version to version. This is, however, an issue separate from my original post. Do you know if the current download for Maya is the initial release, or has it been patched with previous updates?

I guess I could ask the same question about Maya and Some of the initial releases of these version have serious bugs. Is Autodesk just leaving these versions online for students to download?

Unluckily all installers available in “All Products and services” account page are the initial releases excluding some r1, r2, etc. This is typical of Autodesk over the years. They are focused on money only and not servicing the people and businesses who have supported them from the beginning through the years.

Their shift in policy is due to their market share and stock price most likely.



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Product support. Manage your account. Download and install software. COVID resources. Education support. Email Address Email autodesk maya 2018 service pack 3 free required Entered email is invalid.


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In the past 8 years, students where I teach using the free license have been able to download software Service Packs and Updates. There has. Maya SP 1. (32位)