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I am gonna show you 2 methods , in the first one, I am gonna show you how you can install termux on you PC using Emulator. If you are a termux user you should know that the termux is a Terminal Emulator for Linux.

Basically, it’s a Lighter version on the Linux command-line interface. Since it is a Lighter version they made is a little bit simpler than the Linux terminal. There are two ways you can install the Termux in your PC, In the first method we will use Bluestack Android Emulator and we will install the termux App on it. Every time we want to use the termux we will open BlueStack and use it like we do on android.

In the second method, we will install we will use Linux Subsystem for windows to install the Linux shell in Windows. Since we are using the Linux subsystem we will be installing the full version Linux shell and not the light version termux.

This will run much faster than the 1st method and it will not lag at all and Bluestack will lag a lot if you have 4gb ram PC. But the only difficulty in using the 2nd method is that only a few commands will differ from the termux commands. Click on the Downloaded File in the bottom left corner of your chrome.

Now after the installation is done, It will ask you to sign in the google play store. Click on the sign in Button and then Enter your email and password and you will be logged in. Install the Termux Like you normally do in your android Phone. After it’s installed Press Click Open. Now you can see I can use termux in Windows10 without any Interruption.

I am also running the cool header script , If you also want to add this header then you read this [ Termux-Cool-Header ]. Tip :. To Run the termux again you need to open the blue stack and there you can see the Termux Icon also it will Create a Termux icon on your Home Screen you can also click that icon to run the Termux in your Windows. You can use Termux commands like you do in your Phone. In this method, we will Not install an Emulator to run termux, We will install the Linux terminal in Windows so that we can use Linux tools in Windows which is the same as Linux.

Press the Windows key on your keyboard and type “turn windows features on or off” and select the top Option and it will open the below window in your computers. Now everything is Set and you just have to use this Terminal like you use termux but Keep in mind that this is Actual Linux so you need to use Linux commands.

The Linux commands are the same as termux you just have to use apt here and not pkg. You will also have to type sudo before commands if they are not working normally. Below you can see that I have installed Neofetch in Kali Linux shell. These are the most common methods to use termux in PC. To be honest the Bluestack is accurate because you are actually using Termux BUT it takes all your resources and It lags a lot. To test all the scripts that I make, I use the windows subsystem for Linux, It is a much faster, Cleaner, and it is same as the termux.

If you can use Linux Shell than that means you are a good Linux user. If you are facing any error while installing and using these tools just drop a comment I will surely give you a reply. I did method 2 but how can i open a. Try dragging the file on the terminal or you can also copy the code and just make a new file, there are also other methods you can search on youtube about Windows subsystem for Linux.

Follow Us. In this method, we will install the Bluestack and then we will install Termux on it. This method will work on any Windows PC But you must have a good configuration else it will lag. Step 1: Press the Windows key on your keyboard and type “turn windows features on or off” and select the top Option and it will open the below window in your computers.

Now it will check for the components to turn on the subsystem features and then it will apply the changes and it will ask you to restart the System, Click on the Restart Button. Step And Click on the get app or install Button and install the tool.

After Downloading, You can Directly Launch the Kali Linux application and the For the First time it will ask you for your username and password, Just Type any simple Username and password, Because you will have to type this password a lot while installing anything. Step 6: Now everything is Set and you just have to use this Terminal like you use termux but Keep in mind that this is Actual Linux so you need to use Linux commands.

This is a Bonus tip , using this method you will be able to access your termux in your Windows10 without any lag and without installing any things.

This is the latest and tested method and it is far better than the above two methods if you have a phone with you. Saad Maqsood 22 January at Unknown 1 March at Social Media Links. Recent Posts. Follow by Email Get all latest content delivered straight to your inbox. Join our What’s App Group. About Me. Saad Maqsood View my complete profile. Menu Footer Widget.

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Termux for Windows �� Download Termux App: PC, Android APK | Install on Laptop for Free


Fredrik Fornwall published the Termux App for Android operating system mobile devices, but it is possible to download and install Termux for PC or Computer with operating systems such as Windows 7, 8, 8. Ever wondered why people love Linux? But what if we say you can turn your Android device into a Linux system just with a help of an app? Termux is a wonderful app developed for Linux lovers so that they are always glued to their systems be it a Linux PC or an Android device.

Now you might say that who would code on an Android device? With that, you can easily code on your Android devices too. This app provides a lot of packages which are pre-build in the app itself. So instead of creating a custom build package, ensure that you check the ones that are already available in Termux app itself.

It can save a lot of time for you. Even if you go wrong in some codes or when creating packages, Termux-exec will make sure that the redirected script paths work accurately. From sharing texts from the terminal or other apps to resetting or hanging up the terminal, everything is possible right from this app itself. You need not switch to your Linux device to get these basic things done.

If it had IDE to code, it could have been a useful feature for many coders. Compatibility: Before downloading them take a look at the minimum system requirements to install the emulator on your PC. You can follow above instructions to install Termux for pc with any of the Android emulators out there. Termux for PC Terminal emulator and Linux environment. Notable Features of Termux! Associate or set up your Google account with the emulator.

You can either install the App from Google PlayStore inside the emulator or download Termux APK file from the below link from our site and open the APK file with the emulator or drag the file into the emulator window to install Termux App for pc.

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