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drawing lines or circles in Drawings. Is it possible to draw a line or a circle when we are in a Drawing. I found sometimes it is necessary to get a dimension from an exact point in the drawing and cannot get it done. Dimension orientation.

Hello, I am having trouble giving an accurate dimension for a hole location on an angled component. I am attempting to give dimensions of features for an entire assembly. The component in question is at a 60 degree angle to the overall assembly. None of which are what I am hoping to communicate. Alternatively, I was able to take a detailed view, rotate it 60 degrees, then dimension it.

Ben 詳細を表示. drafting information not moving around a page when a model is changed. I have had this issue a couple of times, where I have a drawing created and when I change the original model or move it around, it causes havoc with the drawing. It would be great if as soon as you position an image of a part in a drawing, that image would become fixed in place, both in location and scale, independent of the original model.

It would update along with the model and can be manually moved of course, but would just not move around the page or change scale by itself. 可以设置鼠标的动作模拟catia的吗?在旋转、移动的操作上, 我觉得那样还比较顺手。 谢谢 詳細を表示. Save as DXF, but with some additions. This might be a pipe dream, but I would love it if you could save a DXF from a sketch or from a face and in addition to generating the DXF it would add: Two outside dimensions extents so that the laser cutting shop can verify scale Have a text block put in below the DXF profile listing: Part Name, Part Material Those are typically the things I have to go and manually add to each DXF to ensure that no one screws up the parts.

It’s the same steps every time, so having it be a default setup option for the ‘save as DXF’ would save me and likely others a lot of time. partlist editing. on the drawings needs the property from each part. it would be very helpful if you can self put the right property from the parts in the drawings like for example weight and length with and height. for wooden industry need it. Hole Option improvement. I think it would be better if we have options in hole options for depth until tip or depth until shaft.

Thank you. Active Component Visibility Switch Toggle. Perhaps this has already been suggested. It would be helpful if there was a fast way to toggle the Active Component Visibility switch in preferences without having to enter preferences, for instance a button or key combination.

It’s a pain to have to enter preferences to do this. Drawing Workspace Minimum Viability. I realise that you have a road-map all lined up and I have looked at it but I would like to suggest a slight change in priority. I believe that putting in a few basic drawing tools would allow drawings to be completed in fusion without exporting to other programs. Even just line and curved line would provide a huge amount of flexibility. Maybe you could reuse some of the sketch code?

Respectfully, Theo 詳細を表示. Keep lines visibile over canvas. I often design off of a drawing so I naturally import canvas’ often. I need to go back into the Edit Canvas box, lower the transparency increase the transparency? and then I can get back to drawing. I don’t see the need to go through these steps in order to simply draw. To cover another canvas? Sure, lack of transparency is good and sometimes needed.

But the cursor, lines and draw tool should always be visible over the canvas. Flattening solids. Can we flatten our sheet metal developments in our drawings yet? Is it possible to export to anc files? marquee zooming. Can we have an additional zoom method that zooms the area described by a marquee box. click a location on the screen within the viewport, drag the mouse to a new location and release the mouse. This area between the two points x,y:x1,y1 is then displayed in such a way that if fills the current view port.

Edit Window Navigation. Zoom and pan is okay, but tedious. Having a little navigation window that can be clicked to select the viewed section would speed editing a great deal 詳細を表示. PLEASE HELP SPEED ME UP IN FUSION. I am an AutoCAD, power user. I am a keyboard shortcut advocate. I accept challenges for Draft-Offs. I push projects and designs forward with a momentum that is only limited to my insight on what to draw next. Or so I hope. I have picked up Fusion quickly.

So far I am proud of my projects and designs constructs and content. I am impressed. I want to go fast. I can’t have any tool slow me down. The only advantage I found is that Fusion has CAM and Timeline.

A one stop shop. And it has you, The Developers and The Community. Give Kudos on this and other posts wanting similar things! S-Command, RESERVE SPACEBAR FOR COMMAND SELECTION This software is ok, about keeping the mouse in a combative state in the drawing, pushing the design forward while my other hand confidently navigates from ASDF to any dang key on the mechanical keyboard.

I do not have the dexterity, nor time, to hit enter and reset and sometimes just plainly do not want to leave the active region on the screen with my pointer and move it towards an item to select it in the S-Command dialog. Every other drafting software in Autodesk has them. Don’t knock it, till you have spent years in one design environment.

Again, from my perspective the years I have, have been jammed with drafting content -I am quick you know. I have made a previous post, like many others before, for keyboard shortcuts to be user defined. In the post, I referred to Revit as a model for shortcuts done right across application context.

That about sums it. I apologize if this is arrogance. From my perspective, it is my reality. Serious about that draft off, it would be excellent to meet other Drafters out there that share this aggressive drafting mentality. LET ME DRAW EVEN FASTER PLEASE!! Fusion Team I Love what you have done here, I appreciate everything you do for the community.

Matt 詳細を表示. Offset Plane input not ready on edit. OK, Please try this out and if the issue exists for you please give me some kudo’s. Double click on the Offset Plane icon in your timeline to edit the feature. Start typing the offset and hit enter. The text field doesn’t have focus When you right click edit on the browser it works Input Issue. Theoretical Sharp Corners in drawings. I am not sure if this is a function but it would be nice to have a command that would create a point for a theoretical sharp corner where a radius and a line intersect in drawings.

Onshape has this feature and I could see it very useful in Fusion Theoretical Sharp Corner Drawings. Fix bug in drawing, projected view when zoom in related to funny results. When i zoom in on a projected view ande zet some demensions an zoom back out the projected view is zoomed.

Target Value for design variable. Hi there, for example you use FEA with one or more Design Variable it needs multiple steps to find the size height for a pocket do have a lightweight Part, it would be better when we would have a solver who find in specific range User Range the right height or other criteria like Excel with Target Value.

It would also be great for Sketches. Next Idea where the Drawing for Quality Proof I know some guys use Excel for Quality Proof if the manufacturing parts have the right size. It would be cool when we can use a HTML Version of the Drawings where the size where put in a table.

in the Background is a excel Table for statistcal analysis of the manufacturing parts it would be time saving. great job Autodesk 詳細を表示. Initial loading of drawing interface in Fusion – takes lots of time. I always want this ability in Fusion to load the interface much faster because this really creates an awkward moment during my pre sales demo and My Fusion customers are always asking me this..

Why is the initial loading of the drawing interface takes lots of time?? I would really like if Autodesk works on this for enhancement. That way you would no clutter up the drawing. Bad joint Relation in Fusion component Scaling happening. I am in Modelling Environment of Fusion In my model there is a number of joint but after making a joint size of component or scaling is happening It is ruining my project How this is happening 詳細を表示. As a extra It could generate in conjunction with the the BOMs Materials,Weldments, Cutlists.

STL file. PLEASE make it easier to import or just open natively these. stl files for editing and modifying. I believe there is a large potential market you are missing by not being able to open these. stl files. thank you so much for listening dwight 詳細を表示. stl thingiverse format. Allow Copying of Sketch Objects. It should be possible to copy a sketch object and not just to move an existing one.

move copy. Peer-to-Peer Drag and Drop of Constructions. Currently, it’s simple to drag a construction from a child component to the parent and then back down to another child to reassign it. It should just be possible to drag it from child to child and ship the intermediate step.

Mesh – Bridge Gaps like in Remake. Hello Fusion Enthusiastic Users, I’m always disappointed to go outside Fusion to achieve my project. Today, I’ve download a King Kong as a STL. The particularity of this mesh is for some reasons, the head was dissociated from the body. So I was looking for a bridge gaps to link the 2 mesh bodies.

Unfortunately I’ve to go to remake to achieve this. with this feature, it will fit the gap to have simple tools to correct any mesh and stay on Fusion Cheers, -Bertrand 詳細を表示.

Day-to-day I’m updating designs or producing brand new designs. Until the design gets approved and given a version, I’d like the ability to set the design perhaps as “Working” or “In Design”. When the design does get approved, Fusion could automatically give the design a new version number. I see the benefit as not having to work on live data to implement proposed design changes. I see the “In Design” version being used for Live Reviews and prototyping.

Text Box pattern. Hey you guys and gals, would be really cool and really basic if one is able to make a pattern with text boxes. Im building a laser cutting test objct with lots of laser cut slits in it, and like to engrave the parameters directly next to each laser cut. Since those parameters vary very slightly, i’d be cool if i could preset one parameter set, and copy it via pattern to each laser cut, and alter the parameters there.

right now i’m only making patterns with the orange construction lines. Typing the almost same stuff 30 times is a drag i’m sure the eager developers at Autodesk can do this in a jiffy!!!

keep up the good work Translatable Parameterics. There is a “favorites list” but when I add a value to that list I can’t access that value in a new design unless I remake the value. There may be an add-on that does this but I haven’t found it and it would be incredibly useful when dealing with a constant set of tolerances for 3D printing or when you use the same parts over and over but don’t want to clutter a new design by dragging in an old one. Add to CAD.

Enable selection of objects within activated unselectable component. Fix Set view as Home command. In Fusion when I click set view as home command, it will have either ‘Fixed Distance’ or ‘Fit to View’ selected with a little check mark beside it.

This means that if I want to actually set the view as a new home position and ‘Fit to View’, I need to switch it to ‘Fixed Distance’ and then back to ‘Fit to View’. Clicking ‘Reset Home’ doesn’t take my current angle as my new home position at least for the thumbnail is doesn’t.

In Inventor when I click set view as home, nothing is already pre-selected; so I can actually just set my new home view in either a fixed distance or fit to view. Proposal: Get rid of the pre-selected command on the set view as home and make it work like the way it does in Inventor. Vise Model for CAM. I’m starting to explore the CAM functionality on a homemade CNC that runs on Arduino.

Can you provide a tutorial on Modeling a simple Vise to hold stock? Include the model in tutorial. CAM the components of the vise. Have the user assembly the vise. User has a Vise to hold stock. Add registration marks to Vise. Vise is a model in Fusion that can be virtually referenced and simulated when CAM new parts that need to be rotated to CAM bottoms or sides and registration made in model before CAM path created.

Information on what Python command that corresponds to a specific function. Hi Write and execute a python script is a very powerful when e. Fusion operations have to be executed many times with just small adjustments of its input-parameters.

In my case I do small increments of some dimensions with a corresponding snapshot after each modification. In my case it consists of hundreds of snapshots in order to try to make an animation of a “real-time” structural change due to the parameter changes.

It works perfectly and mp4 videos is very easy to make out of these snapshots. However, it is very cumbersome and in many case difficult to find the accurate python command or commands for the specific function without having extensive knowledge in the specific API Python commands. could be available. By right-clicking that button a meny e. Best Regards Peter 詳細を表示.

Add Optical Design and simulation. Each sphere moves according to every other sphere. With this define elements, compounds, RF signals, etc. Capture Position, Revert Position and Just Stay There Position. Good day friends I’m from the Fusion community in Spanish, I hope Google Translator has translated this well: I am mainly Inventor user but I am using Fusion in parallel, the idea is to create a third option when moving the component inside an assembly.

Currently moving a component in the assembly can only use Capture Position or Revert Position, Capture Position always creates a record in the timeline, sometimes I am only “playing” with the assembly to analyze different positions of the design and I am forced to fill The time line with different captures without necessity, in ocaciones when inserting a component I must move it to have access to its geometry then capture position in order to be able to apply the appropriate joint.

Maybe a new button “Just Stay There Position” will be useful? It would be a Capture Position without the record in the Time Line. capture position. Round the edges of Comic Sans MS. When trying to cut letters from a solid body using Comic Sans MS I noticed that the edges are not tangent so the process of filleting the edges between the vertical surfaces letters and the horizontal surface top face of the body requires selecting each edge individually and the Tangent Chain doesn’t work here.

Could be nice if we could have a solution for “tangent” letters like Comic Sans that allows tangent selection as would be expected. The process is also not very “stable” the results un unpredicted and I was using a curved surface to cut vs flat which might add additional complexity. X before Y input for rectangles. Well, I’m coming from Autocad and I’m used to input X then Y when I drag a rectangle. Would be nice to have an option in the Prefs to choose this instead of Y then X.

Kind regaards 詳細を表示. Animate Joint or Animate Model accessible in the Animation Environment. Hello Fusion enthusiastic user! In the design environment, we have access to animate joint and model. Don’t you think it should be super to have this in the Animation Environment? Thanks for reading. Animate Model. Thread 3D modeled. Hi, I have do design fine threats for optical compoonents frequently. there are many different sizes without a standart M52x0,75, M46x0,75, M85x I would prefer a parameter box over the given list to choose from.

I did read about creating additional item for that list, but I was not successful to do this by my own up to now. A tool to create addional item would be o. Best regards Stefan Franz 詳細を表示.

Create Fine Thread. Design Management. There is no longer a way to “delete” a design, nor can one move a design to a pre-existing folder, there is no longer a way to create a new folder. Design management has been reduced to “Open”, “Insert into current design”, and “New drawing from design”. Peter Boyer 詳細を表示. Driven Dimensions from the API. Please add support for Driven Dimensions to the API.

Steven 詳細を表示. Use Hidden Buried Sketchs. When a sketch is buried inside other geometry it can’t be used. PopUp label for the numerical values of actions. Probably my idea is already submitted, but I didn’t found similar from IS. My suggestion is, that when you should edit some detail and you seek the action from timeline, it should be shown also the numerical value beside the highlighted detail in the work area. Now you have to choose always Edit Feature or Inspect function that you can find the current value of extrusion, fillet etc.

Extend splitting tool deselected by default. This checkbox should always default to unselected unless the face is a plane 詳細を表示. Scaling a Part Feature. hello my idea is to create a feature that scale the geometry of the model, dimensions, sketches and reference geometry thank you 詳細を表示.

Coordinate system. hello my idea is to add a feature to allow us to add coordinate system thank you 詳細を表示. cutting canvas or 2D images. I draw and work with a lot of cylindrical shapes in Fusion , which seem to pose several challenges to work with-such as cutting etc.

I like to model and profile as quickly as possible without having to re-sketch anything if possible. I try to model what I can in model space and not create individual components parts and save them and import them in, but to do it right in model space. As an example I was using full cylindrical shapes and then needed half cylindrical shapes on another. Which I thought I could split the body and do an extruded cut as it was after I had mirrored and copied in the time line.

Often I will create copies and mirror what I can If I create a sketch on a copy or something mirrored it relates it back to the parent component-not the one I am actually working with, so everything that is a child then is affected even though this is done after in the timeline. As it relates to this entire issue First, why is something I do after referenced before in the time line regardless of what the parent is?

But Inventor got his display option for like; Tangent Edges. I dont can find this in the autodraw option Hi Ysald, Thanks for the idea. This is currently not possible to automate as far as we are aware. We will investigate this some more and will add it in a future release as soon as its possible.

Great program for quick and easy making of drawings. When you remove a part from an assembly it will disapear from the program as it should. But the drawing stay’s in the folder of the assembly. It would be awesome if drawings of parts that are removed from the assembly are also removed from the folder it was in. This way you don’t need to do this by hand. Hi Piet, Thanks for the feature request.

I have added it to the list of features to be added in a future release. This is a great app, time saving, after this app placed the assembly or part on the template.

You need to put everything on place for better but still a huge time saving. Thanks and also a great service. This is an addon I like a lot and use often. The edition is a nice update. I ‘ have a simple suggestion for improvement that could be another big time saver.

When selecting the drawing template , the addon could look if it holds any iLogic rules and presents all of them in the UI. The user could then select the rules he would like to run when the template is used , with the options at file open , close or other etc.

Hi Joris, Thanks for the kind words! Maybe we can chat about your request some more offline so I can get a better understanding of what you would like to achieve. You have my email address I think but you can use the ivtools one as well. This is great however, I would like the option to be able to save a drawing as its part number and not the file name, is this possible.

Hi Andrew, Your request has been noted and we will look at adding it into a future release. With the sheet metal it would be more useful if it brought in the dimensions for the flat pattern. That to my shop at least is the most crucial.

Also if you could have them all put onto one drawing for shop blueprints. I use this program to save a large amount of time. No more searching the drawing folders to ensure you have all the idw files for your models. It places a center mark on everything that may or may not be a hole. The views are: 3 view ortho with the iso in the bottom right corner wth? Sometimes it creates views that are scaled so large that they overlap and extend way past the boundaries of the sheet.

what could be causing this? 次のアカウントへの返信: dferden. is there a cut material removed in the assembly? yes we are removing material under the guise of machining options and then the mass in I properties is grayed out and will not let us update.

use the maching tools in weldment- don’t cut the assembly.


Autodesk inventor 2016 weldment free download.

A one stop shop. Can you provide a tutorial on Modeling a simple Vise to hold stock?


Autodesk inventor 2016 weldment free download

Welcome to Autodesk’s Inventor Forums. Share your knowledge, ask questions, and explore popular Inventor topics I am experiencing similar issue with Explorer crashing in Win 10, but my Inventor SP1 Update 1 is perfectly stable. It never occured to me to check the There should be a feature that lets you download multiple files at the This is something one could do in Inventor but I have not found a


Autodesk inventor 2016 weldment free download

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