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Cancun Airport Shuttle & Transfers

Cancun Airport Shuttle & Transfers


Whether you’re a single traveler, a couple or a large family, our private shuttle services will make your vacation much easier. Forget having to wait extra time at the airport for other people to fill up the shuttle, our services are completely private and fully insured, meaning direct service with no other passengers except for those in your party, firm guaranteeing 100% satisfaction 24/7. All of our experienced drivers are honest, reliable and fluent English speakers. With Alma LDS Shuttle Co., there is never any waiting time or long lines, and the vehicles depart immediately after your arrival.

Forgot to schedule a return shuttle to the Cancun airport? Or do you need to transfer to another hotel in the Riviera Maya or Cancun? We can help you! We offer 24/7 private shuttle and transfer services all year round, even late at night! You can count on us!

Are you lugging a few extra boxes, a trade show display or lots of equipment? Or do you want to stop at Wal-Mart grocery store for shopping? We have you covered – we’ll have a private van exclusively for you and your family, available for any hotel in Cancun, Riviera Maya, Cozumel or Merida. We offer a straight ride to the airport from your hotel, and the vehicle departs as soon as you are ready.

Make your reservation and pay online beforehand with major credit cards!

What to expect at the airport

Our supervisors at the airport will monitor your flight to ensure that your shuttle will be ready whenever you arrive. You will not have to worry if your flight is delayed or arrives ahead of schedule. We will know, and more importantly, we will be waiting for you whenever your flight arrives. However, if you missed your connection, or there was a sudden change to the aircraft and your flight number has changed, pleased inform us immediately so we can make proper arrangements.

Upon arrival at the airport, and once you have cleared immigration and customs, an Alma’s LDS Tours Co. representative will be waiting for you outside the Arrival Gate near the platforms for “Ground Transportation,” holding a large yellow sign with the logo of Alma’s LDS Tours and also a work order with your information. Please note that customs procedures can take 25 minutes or up to 45 minutes depending on how many people are waiting in line. Please do not worry, we know this and will be waiting for you outside the Arrival Gate. Remember: outside! Our telephone number is (984) 169-1779 just in case.

Once our staff meets you at the Cancun airport, you’ll be guided to the vehicle and will be transported to your Hotel. About your return back to the airport? We’ll confirm with you by email a day before your flight lives (only in case of a round-trip shuttle). Expect your return pick pick-up at least 3 hours prior to your flight departing. Thank you!

Cancun LDS Tours Shuttle


  • Mark ALL of your pieces of luggage for easy identification.
  • Only ask Airport Officials for directions such as Customs Officers, Security, etc. Avoid salesmen, vendors at the booths and people selling time shares.
  • Get to the airport AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. Normally you should be at the airport at least 2-3 hours before the scheduled departure time. We can’t stress enough how IMPORTANT it is that you get to the airport with plenty of time to catch your flight. Everyone is meticulously screened and searched up to 3 times, and you WILL NOT get any special treatment if your flight is about to leave. These are new SECURITY regulations, and officers are available to make sure everybody is screened and NOT to make the lines go faster. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD AND DO WHATEVER NECESSARY TO GET TO THE AIRPORT EARLY.
  • Have a nice flight!!


How can I find my Driver?

Once you have picked up your luggage and cleared customs, there are only 2 exits: “Private Ground Transportation” and “Family and Friends.” This applies to all 4 terminals at the Cancun Airport. Always choose the “Private Ground Transportation” exit and walk through the glass sliding doors outside of the airport. Once outside, you will see dozens of people with signs with Hotel names or shuttle companies. Our staff will be holding a yellow sign with the logo of Alma’s LDS Tours. Our staff will be uniformed and is always around, once they have you, they will call in your shuttle to park at one of the platforms and they will load up your luggage and depart straight to your hotel.

I am at the meeting point, and still haven’t found my driver.

Our staff is always around, Odds are they are just loading up another family into a vehicle. During peak seasons however, airport officials regulate the number of staff members and vehicles at the platforms for picking up guests. A 20-minute permanency rule is applied; after which our vehicle and staff must leave the pick-up area and return after 10 minutes of waiting outside. Our staff may try to call you to your number in this case. You may contact us at our local Cancun offices to receive an update by dialing: +52(984)-109-0684. Or you may also try our Utah Offices: +1(801)-415-5136.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

Our airport staff will be monitoring your flight, if there are any delays we will know. You will only need to contact us in case your flight changes and you are transferred through another aircraft or route.

I’m at the Cancun Airport and I can’t reach the toll free number listed on your website.

Our toll-free number works only within the United States and Canada, however, you may contact us at our local Cancun offices by dialing: +52(984)-109-0684. Or you may also try our Utah Offices: +1(801)-415-5136

Should I use my cellphone when I go to Cancun?

Most cellular companies are partnered with local companies in Mexico and offer great coverage at very low cost or sometimes can included already in your monthly fee. Please verify this with your provider when making travel preparations.

Are baby/infant seats available?

We recommend you bring your own baby/infant seat or boosters when traveling with children. Upon request we may provide a seat, however this is subject to availability.

Can we make a quick stop at a pharmacy or a convenient store like 7/11?

In most cases this is possible. Your driver may only make up to a 15minute courtesy stop at a convenient store or pharmacy that is on the way to your hotel and does not derail from the original route. This must be informed to us during the booking process or you can send us an email requesting a courtesy stop at:

Can we stop a restaurant or a Grocery store like Wal-Mart before going to our hotel?

This option is available upon request for an additional charge of $45 USD per hour. Typically 1hour is enough and you may pay during your booking process or in cash with the driver. Please request this service at:

What should I do if I left baggage or an any item on the vehicle?

Please contact us immediately. In some cases, depending on the logistics of our daily operations, we may have the possibility to drop off the item or luggage piece at your hotel at the reception. Charges or fees may apply.

What if I was told at the airport by other staff members, that Alma’s LDS Tours is not an existing company?

Please be aware, this is a common practice among time share sales reps and unauthorized airport shuttle companies to scare guests into hiring their services, or to offer a free shuttle as an incentive for listening to a time share presentation. The best advice is available by call us directly at our local Cancun offices by dialing: +52(984)-109-0684. Or you may also try our Utah Offices: +1(801)-415-5136.

If you need any help, we recommend asking for directions only to airport officials such as customs officers, security guards, etc.

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