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8 Free Video Game Themes for Windows 10 – Black & Dark Themes

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There are many good themes for windows 10 but the next on this list is perfect for minimalism loving Windows 10 users. Windows 10 Sound Theme: Angry Birds theme 5. Julia Gorges Theme 10 Wallpapers. Marvel Cinematic Universe Theme Wallpapers.

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You can access them all here. These thees play custom sounds when you start-up your system. We have selected the top three, but again, this is just a personal opinion based on personal preferences. Inspired by the video game of the same name, this Windows 10 custom sound theme features sounds of birds chirping, screaming, and shouting. These sounds are same as those of the characters portrayed in the game and the Angry Bords movie. The theme is, of course, embedded with six images of the characters from the game.

Download Here. It comes with fourteen different images and associated sounds. With these high-definition images, you can personalize your desktop with some of the most peaceful and picturesque attractions. Once again, a theme for gamers, who wish to venture into deep space and outer galaxies. This theme is inspired by characters and landscapes from the video game Halo. Containing thirteen images, the pictures comprise high-def. Images of asteroid fields, spaceships, and galactic colonies; thus compiling a vibrant artwork of mesmerizing color combinations.

The new Windows 10 Update has brought a few changes to the interface of your Windows 10 desktop. While the Dark Mode of Windows 10 update looks all the same, you will notice a few changes when you enable the Light Mode. The theme offers a grey-ish taskbar and notification bar, along with a newly designed Start menu. The similar color changes apply to the folders and drives as well, but you can choose to keep the folders in the dark separately while only bringing the change to the taskbar and notification bar.

Falsttastic is one of the most minimalistic Windows 10 themes for Windows 10 desktop or laptop. The theme somehow resembles the latest update; however, the theme has got sixteen different variants to apply. While there is little change in the icons, the theme adds up a second taskbar on the top-centre of the Windows 10 Desktop.

The theme has both dark and light mode with eight variants in each mode, and you can download either of them. It also offers different color gradients to light your folders and drives and give it a more contrasting look above basic light white and dark black themes. Download Light Version.

Download Dark Version. These are some best free themes to download for Windows 10 that we believe you would love. These themes are safe and most of them are sourced by Microsoft. We hope that the article helps you to find out the best themes for your Windows 10 desktop. Share your experience with us in the comments below. Also, let us know if we have missed out some outstanding but safe Windows 10 themes for the PC. Follow us on social media — Facebook , Instagram and YouTube. Any HD theme for Windows 10 would be great for your system.

Choose from the list above and download themes for Windows You can select any of the best desktop wallpaper from the above mentioned themes for you Windows Click on the available themes and apply. Simplify Theme pack comes with 5 elegant and minimalistic Windows 10 Themes. You can save these themes in AppData and apply them to personalization settings.

The theme beings many macOS exclusive features like the dock, finder, new control panel, picture-in-picture video player, launchpad, and much more to Windows 7.

If you are looking for something dynamic then Meteor Showers Windows 10 theme might impress you. Luckily this theme can be directly downloaded from the Microsoft Store. The theme consists of 18 high quality images that will definitely make your dekstop visually impressive.

Furthermore, Meteor Showers theme is a completely free. If you have been scouting for a minimal theme with black and white color accents, then Arc will definitely impress you. This Windows 10 theme has a decent collection of icon packs which further enhances the customizability of this theme.

Next up on the list is the Aero Glass theme. The theme offers a glassy transparent interface without changing the layout of the original Windows OS. Some noteworthy features of Aero Glass are complete integration into the desktop window manager and transparent borders for every program.

The wallpapers in this theme consist of weird yet colorful 3D creatures that provide a unique look to your desktop. Paint 3D Creatures has around 11 wallpapers and you can install this theme pack directly from the Microsoft Store. Windows Themes A Windows Theme is a collection of wallpapers, icons and sounds which is used to customize appearance of computers running Windows Operating Systems.

Most Popular Themes. Marvel Cinematic Universe Theme Wallpapers. Nvidia Theme 35 Wallpapers. Alienware Theme 46 Wallpapers. Naruto Theme 87 Wallpapers. Avengers Endgame Theme 52 Wallpapers. Random Picks For You. Halloween Theme. Honor Of Kings Theme. Counter Strike Global Offensive Theme. Far Cry 3 Theme. Camila Mendes Theme. Torres Del Paine Theme. V For Vendetta Theme. Porsche Taycan Theme. Rachael Leigh Cook Theme. Frank Lampard Theme. Forza Horizon 5 Theme.

Assassins Creed Theme. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Theme. Halo Infinite Theme. If you want to switch themes in Windows 10, right-click on any empty space on the desktop and click Personalize. Then, under Change theme on the right, click on the theme you want and Windows will apply it. Looking at the same bland Windows themes can get extremely boring, which is why we also have articles on movie themes and thrilling TV themes you can try. But since we’re talking about video game themes, let’s look at eight cool ones that will make the gamer in you happy every time you boot up your PC.

The Italian plumber needs no introduction to anyone who loves video games. Many people credit the classic 2D platformer, Super Mario Bros. With over games to its name, the Super Mario franchise has produced some of the best platformers , party games, kart racers, and RPGs , among other genre-jumping releases. And when you download this theme pack, you’ll turn your desktop into one big Mario Party. When Microsoft and Bungie released Halo: Combat Evolved back in , it transformed first-person shooters for the better.

The gunplay was responsive and punchy, the AI was smart and challenging, the vehicles were fun to drive, and the levels blended open space and close corridor combat seamlessly. The great story and rich science fiction setting were just the cherries on top. Bungie and, later, Industries expanded and innovated the amazing gameplay elements mentioned above in later entries. Now, you can relive the memories of the epic battles you’ve had with Master Chief and his fellow Spartans with the Halo theme pack , which contains 10 high-quality and stunning wallpapers.


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A theme is a combination of desktop background pictures, window colors, and sounds. To get a theme, expand one of the categories, click a link for the theme, and then click replace.me saves the theme to your PC and puts it on your desktop. Free game cursors animated mouse pointer for your tumblr blogger website and windows computer as well as for download. Installing a new mouse cursor theme on windows is fast easy and can provide just the right refreshment for your desktop. We do love playing games and that’s why we have so many beautiful gaming Windows 10 themes on ExpoThemes. Search and download gaming theme based on your favourite games. It may be Assassin’s Creed or Destiny or Fortnight, we have it all. All themes include HD images and game icons hand picked from replace.meted Reading Time: 2 mins.